Information About Epiphytes

Xerographica Air Plant Information – How To Grow Xerographica Plants Indoors

Xerographica plants are epiphytes that live not on the ground, but on limbs, branches and rocks. Unlike parasitic plants that depend on the host for life, epiphytes use the host merely for support as they reach towards the sunlight. Learn more about them in this article.

Learn About Epiphyte Plant Propagation

Seed can take years to develop recognizable plants, while cuttings on epiphytic cacti seem the best choice. Propagating epiphytic plants starts with recognizing which type of plant you are growing and choosing the method best for that species. Learn more here.

Types Of Tillandsia – How Many Varieties Of Air Plants Are

There are at least 450 different types of tillandsia, not to mention countless hybrid varieties, and no two air plant varieties are exactly the same. Ready to learn about a few different types of air plants? This article will help.

Epiphyte Mounting Tips: How To Mount Epiphytic Plants

Epiphytes for the home interior are mounted, generally on bark, wood or cork. It is creative and fun to learn how to mount epiphytic plants. This article can help with that so you can enjoy these plants year round.

Types Of Epiphytes – What Is An Epiphyte Plant And Adaptations Of Epiphytes

Tree epiphytes are called air plants because they have no firm grip in the earth. Find answers on what is an epiphyte plant so you can grow them yourself. This article will help.