Acclimating Houseplants Outdoors

There’s nothing wrong with giving your houseplants some fresh air during springtime after they’ve been cooped up all winter; in fact, houseplants actually appreciate this. However, when you take a plant from its indoor environment and place it in the outside elements all at once, the plant can easily become stressed as a result of shock. Before you rush your houseplants to the great outdoors, they need to be gradually acclimated to their new environment. Acclimating houseplants to outdoor conditions is the best way to lessen the amount of shock and achieve successful adjustment to this new environment. Moving Houseplants Outside Light is one of the biggest factors contributing to plant shock. In fact, the intensity of sunlight outdoors is far greater than that found within the home. Although most houseplants require sufficient amounts of light, it’s difficult for them to adjust from one extreme to another without taking proper … Continue reading Acclimating Houseplants Outdoors