Plants For Your Bathroom

Plants For Your Bathroom

By: Heather Rhoades
Image by Jo Guldi

Putting plants in your bathroom is not only possible, but is also an excellent way to dress up your bathroom. Bathrooms are often the perfect environment for tropical houseplants, and the typically low light and high humidity are ideal for many houseplants. Let’s look at plants for your bathroom — even plants for a bathroom with no window.

What to Look for in Bathroom Plants


The best bathroom plants have low light requirements. Many bathrooms have small or no windows. While low light plants can live on little light, they do need some. Make sure that your bathroom fixtures use fluorescent light bulbs, as fluorescent produce the wavelengths of light that plants need from the sun.


With plants for your bathroom, you want plants that thrive in a humid and moist environment. While many succulents need low light, high humidity will kill them and therefore, they would not be happy in a bathroom.


Because bathrooms tend to be small, placing plants on the floor is often not an option. Most bathroom plants will do well on a shelf or hanging from the ceiling. If your bathroom has a window, a windowsill is good as well.

Best Plants for a Bathroom

Below are a few plants that do very well in a bathroom environment.

Choosing plants for your bathroom is easy, once you know what to look for when deciding on the right bathroom plant for your home.

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