Easy Care Houseplants: Indoor Plants That Are Hard To Kill

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Some people have a magic touch when it comes to growing indoor plants, producing lush, green beauties with little effort. If you aren't one of these people, don't feel bad and don't give up. Truthfully, most indoor plants are actually tropical plants that grow outdoors in warm, humid environments; getting them to adapt to the indoor environment isn't as easy as some might think.

You can change your luck if you grow indoor plants that are hard to kill, and yes-- they do exist. Growing low-maintenance plants indoors isn't impossible if you choose the right plants.

Hard to Kill Houseplants

Here are some of the more commonly grown hard to kill houseplants:

  • Snake Plant - With its sturdy, sword-shaped leaves, the snake plant is a toughie that thrives with neglect. In fact, too much attention will harm this hard-to-kill plant. The only real danger is too much moisture, which will rot the plant quickly. Water only when the soil is dry by pouring water around the inner edge of the pot to keep the base of the plant dry.
  • English Ivy - English ivy is nearly indestructible. In fact, this plant is so rambunctious that it is considered a highly invasive plant for its tendency to choke out native plant growth. However, growing English ivy indoors is perfectly acceptable.
  • Peace Lily - Peace lily is a graceful, resilient plant with shiny, dark leaves. White blooms appear in early summer and often bloom sporadically throughout the year. Bright indirect light is best, but low light will do in a pinch. Avoid bright, direct light that is too strong.

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Houseplants for Non Gardeners

Okay, so you're not really a gardener but would like some greenery indoors. Here are some easy plants to try:

  • Begonias - These spectacular plants are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, forms, and colors. They are grown primarily for their stunning foliage, but some are appreciated for their delicate blooms. Begonias grow fast, but if they become too long and leggy, pinch off a stem or two, pot it up, and you'll soon have a brand-new plant.
  • Spider Plant - If you're looking for a hanging plant that is easy to grow, the spider plant (also known as the airplane plant) is a cinch. Watch for the plant to grow miniature plantlets at the end of dangling stems. These miniature “spiders” are easy to pot up to create a new plant.
  • Chinese Evergreen - Easy care houseplants include Chinese evergreen, a full, distinctive plant with foliage of green, silver, and gray. This forgiving plant is so adaptable that it grows in medium or low light, reaching heights of up to 3 feet (1 m.).
  • Grape Ivy - The sturdy grape ivy vine creates a lush, mounded appearance when planted in a hanging basket. The vines extend to lengths of 6 feet (2 m.), but an occasional pruning keeps it neat and tidy.
  • ZZ Plant - This plant has a stunning, almost fake plant feel to it and is commonly seen in places like malls, airports, and doctor's offices. The reason for its use in these locations is because ZZ plant can tolerate extremely little light and high levels of neglect. Even the most absent-minded owner would have a hard time killing this sturdy houseplant.
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