My Houseplants Are Too Cold: How To Keep Houseplants Warm During Winter

Two Wooden Potted Houseplants On Windowsill
keep hp warm
(Image credit: Brett Holmes Photography)

Keeping houseplants warm in winter can be a challenge. Indoor conditions in the home can be trickier in cold winter areas as a result of drafty windows and other issues. Most houseplants like to have minimum temperatures of at least 60 degrees F. (16 C.) or higher.

How to Keep Houseplants Warm

There are a few ways that you can warm indoor plants during the chilly winters. 

  • One way is to add a space heater to your room. Just be careful not to place the plants too close to the space heater as this can burn them. Houseplants in general do not like drafts of any sort, especially very cold or very hot drafts.
  • If you’re having too much trouble warming houseplants or don’t want to bother, simply place your houseplants in another room. Certain rooms stay too cold during the winter and may not be worth the extra effort. Move them to a warmer room that still has appropriate light, if at all possible.
  • If you have single-paned windows and live in a cold winter area, it is likely that your houseplants are too cold in this type of area. To help insulate things a bit, you can place bubble wrap between the window and the plants or even purchase a special plastic window insulation kit and use it just in the wintertime.
  • An additional option for warming houseplants is to use a heat lamp that would be appropriate for plants. The fixture will not only warm your plants but also provide needed light during the wintertime.
  • Another creative method that helps with keeping houseplants warm in winter is to use a heating mat. These are usually used for propagation purposes, but they will do a great job in warming houseplants in chilly areas.
  • Lastly, if you have a refrigerator that is in an area with enough light, the top of the refrigerator stays warm and would be a great place for a plant. Just be careful when you water so that you don’t get any electrical elements wet.