Rare Houseplants - Unusual Houseplants To Spice Up Your Home

Pink Flowering Potted Houseplant
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Plant lovers are often looking for that next new specimen. Collectors seek unique houseplants like pandas seek bamboo. It's not only fun to have cool houseplants, but an educational experience as you learn about their special needs. Rare houseplants can be difficult to source, but once you have one, you'll be hooked on their beauty and interest. 

Houseplants are great for cleaning interior air and adding a touch of nature to your home. There are numerous readily available houseplants that are easy to grow and thrive indoors. But finding that really special species is a coup to adventurous growers. Unusual houseplants are a challenge and a delight. Sometimes you have to source interesting houseplants through clubs, online chats, and collectors groups. 

Tips on Finding Rare Houseplants

Often a local garden society is a good place to source interesting houseplants. There are also garden clubs to join, where members trade starts and share information on where to find certain specimens. The internet has turned into a global market place where you can find flora from around the world. There are online forums of collectors and many specialty nurseries available online. One thing you should not do is take plants from nature. Many hard to find plants are actually endangered in their environment. Taking them from their habitat leaves a hole in the ecosystem that may not get filled. That can cause problems for other plants, soil stability, and animal food and habitat. 

Ideas for Some Cool Houseplants

A plant doesn't have to be rare to be interesting. Carnivorous plants like pitcher plants are native in much of the Northern hemisphere. Philodendron plants are fairly common place, but a look alike, Monstera, is a real collector's piece. Little Lithops, or living stones, are crazy little plants that really do look like small rocks. Succulents and ferns will offer very unique forms that are actually commonplace, and not hard to find. 

With modern advances, you can now easily source small fruit plants. The once exotic citrus is available in several dwarf forms, as are figs, pomegranate, coffee, tea, and many other fruiting trees. Even a big box store that stocks plants will have many interesting and unusual houseplants.

Super Unique Houseplants

Unique doesn't mean rare either. You can get your hands on an Adenium, or Desert Rose, quite easily. This plant has a swollen caudex or trunk and produces amazing bright pink blooms. The Sensitive plant is also quite common. When you touch the leaves gently, they will close. Corkscrew sedge lives up to its name with curled leaves. Oxalis, looks like clover but is a shamrock. The purple variety is glorious, and it produces sweet little yellow flowers in spring. Many of the Aroids are fascinating and unique. These include the common Philodendron but also the massive Elephant's Ear. In between are more modest sized plants. Air plants offer many forms and ease of care. They are easy to find and grow, but have massive personality. Fun plants come in all sizes and shapes, and may be right under your nose. 

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.