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Growing Norfolk Island Pine Trees – Norfolk Island Pine Care Tips

By Heather Rhoades

Norfolk Island pine trees are commonly used as those cute, little houseplant Christmas trees that you can buy around the holidays. But they make wonderful houseplants too. Read here to get more info.

Norfolk Island Pine Pruning: Information On Trimming A Norfolk Island Pine

By Teo Spengler

If you want to keep the container tree or transplant it outdoors, you may want to know about pruning of Norfolk Island pine trees. Should you prune a Norfolk Island pine? Learn the ins and outs of Norfolk Island pine pruning in this article.

Norfolk Pine Dropping Branches: What To Do For Branch Tips Falling Off Norfolk Pine

By Kristi Waterworth

Although not a true pine, Norfolk Island pines produce beautiful branches and adapt well to indoor life. But what happens when those branches begin dropping? Learn more here.

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