Information About Philodendrons

Philodendron Information – What Is A Congo Rojo Philodendron

The philodendron Congo Rojo is an attractive warm weather plant that produces showy flowers and interesting leaves. It gets the name “rojo” from its new leaves, which unfurl in a deep, shiny red fading to a burgundy green color once mature. Learn more here.

Fiddleleaf Philodendron Care – Learn About Growing Fiddleleaf Philodendrons

Growing fiddleleaf philodendrons in the home interior brings the experience of a hot, steamy forest filled with exotic flora into your home. Learn more about this plant’s care in the article that follows, so you too, can enjoy this tropical wonder.

Brown Philodendron Leaves: Why Are My Philodendron Leaves Turning Brown

Philodendrons are very popular indoor plants but sometimes their leaves can turn yellow or brown. Click on this article for causes for philodendron leaves turning yellow and brown, and what you can do to about it.

Transplanting Tree Philodendron: Tips On Repotting Tree Philodendron Plants

There is lots of confusion when it comes to tree and split leaf philodendrons – two different plants. That being said, the care of both, including repotting, is fairly similar. For more information about how to repot a lacy tree philodendron, click here.

Philodendron Houseplants: How To Care For A Philodendron Plant

For generations, philodendrons have served as a mainstay in interior gardens. Philodendron care is easy because if you watch for the signals, the plant will tell you exactly what it needs. Learn more here.