Pothos Plant Light Needs – How Much Light For Pothos Plants

Sun Shining On Potted Pothos Houseplant
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There’s a reason why pothos are a favorite among indoor gardeners; these lovely plants are dependable, easy to grow, and thrive in a range of growing conditions. If you provide the proper light for pothos, your plant will look beautiful for years. Understanding your pothos plant light needs isn’t complicated. Here’s what you need to know about pothos and light.

Light for Pothos: Pothos Lighting Requirements

Pothos plants do best in moderate light. Too little light, or too much, can affect the appearance and growth rate of your plant.

Too much light can scorch the plant and cause the beautiful, bright green leaves to turn pale yellow. If you want to put your plant in front of a bright window, just be sure the pothos is a few feet away. You can also filter the light with a sheer curtain. 

Not enough light can cause the colors to fade. Plants with gold, white, or pale yellow variegations are likely to turn solid, pale green. Although pothos can tolerate relatively low light, it will do better with a few hours of moderate light every day. 

Artificial light isn’t suitable for a lot of plants, but fortunately, artificial light for pothos works very well. If you work in an office, pothos is a good choice. 

Fluorescent tubes, preferably cool white or full spectrum, provide plenty of light for pothos. You can also use horticultural grow lights, which fit in standard fluorescent fixtures. However, most growers think regular fluorescent tubes are just as good and cost less. 

Incandescent lights help and may work in a pinch, but they work better when used to supplement available light or fluorescent bulbs. Remember that incandescent bulbs emit quite a bit of heat, so be sure to place the plant a safe distance from the bulbs. 

If you use artificial light, turn the lights off at night as pothos lighting requirements include a resting period. Rotate the plant every so often to promote even growth on all sides.

Mary H. Dyer

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