Information About Rubber Trees

Growing a rubber tree plant can be frustrating if all its needs are not met. So when learning how to care for rubber tree houseplants, or even outdoors, there are a few key things you should know to find success. Read the pages that follow and your rubber tree plant care will be easy.

How To Care For A Rubber Tree Plant

A rubber tree plant is isn't as difficult to grow and care for as one might think. The following article provides tips that will help with the care of a rubber tree plant. Click here for more information.

Rubber Tree Plant Potting – When Does Rubber Plant Need A New Pot

Rubber trees make great indoor potted plants, but at some point you’ll need to give them more room. Use the information found in this article to learn about rubber tree plant potting and when repotting is necessary. Click here for more info.

Watering A Rubber Plant: How Much Water Do Rubber Tree Plants Need

Rubber tree plants are fairly easy to care for but dislike being moved and are fussy about water. Rubber plant watering must provide matching moisture to what the plants would find in their native Southeast Asian habitat. Learn about watering these plants here.

Red Sheath On Ficus: Does Rubber Plant Flower

If you’ve grown a rubber tree plant, especially the Burgundy type, and noticed what appears to be a beautiful flower unfurling, you might begin to wonder if rubber plant blooms or if this is your imagination. Find out in this article.

Leaf Curl On Rubber Plants: What Causes Rubber Plant Leaves To Curl

Although rubber tree plant is relatively trouble-free, it can fall prey to various pests and diseases that can cause leaf curl on rubber plants. What causes rubber plant leaves to curl? There are several possible reasons. This article will help.

Rubber Plant Information: Taking Care Of A Rubber Plant Outdoors

Most consider the rubber tree a large houseplant and find it is easy to grow and care for indoors. However, some people ask about growing outdoor rubber tree plants. Read here to find out.

How To Start A Rubber Tree Plant: Propagation Of A Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber trees are hardy and versatile house plants, which leads many people to wonder “How do you get a start of a rubber tree plant?” Propagating rubber tree plants is easy and this article will help.

Information On What Causes Rubber Tree Plant Leaves Falling Off

If your rubber plant is losing leaves, it can be alarming. It can leave a plant owner wondering “why do leaves drop off rubber plants?” There are many reasons for rubber tree leaf drop. Read here for more info.

Tips On How To Prune A Rubber Tree

Rubber tree plants tend to get rather large and need to be pruned in order to control their size. Pruning a rubber tree plant isn’t overly complicated and it actually responds well to pruning. This article will help.