Spider Plant Care: Gardening Tips For Spider Plants

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is considered one of the most adaptable houseplants. Few plants are easier to care for than spider plants, leafy beauties grown as perennials outdoors in warm zones but also beloved as hanging-basket house plants all across the nation. These plants produce clusters of ribbony leaves – solid green or variegated with lengthwise stripes of white or yellow – that emerge from a crown of fleshy roots. Its flowers are tiny and white. Spider plants can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffer from few problems, other than occasional brown tips. The spider plant is so named because of its spider-like offsets, or spiderettes, which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web. How to care for a spider plant? It’s easy. Known for their fast establishment and easy-care ways, they are among the best plants for beginners. Quick Spider Plant … Continue reading Spider Plant Care: Gardening Tips For Spider Plants