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Rooting Inch Plants: How To Propagate Tradescantia Inch Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Inch plant is a pretty houseplant that creeps over the edge of containers. Read on to learn how propagate inch plant cuttings.

Killing Inch Plants: How To Get Rid Of Inch Plant Weeds In The Garden

By Liz Baessler

Inch plant (Tradescantia fluminensis) is very invasive and should be treated with caution. Click here to learn about inch plant weed control.

Growing Inch Plant Outside: How To Plant Inch Plant Outdoors

By Amy Grant

The inch plant is truly one of the easiest plants to grow as a houseplant due to its adaptability. But can inch plant survive outdoors?

Growing Inch Plants – How To Grow Inch Plants

By Jackie Rhoades

Inch plants are beloved houseplants known for their fast growth and easy propagation. Read on to learn more about inch plant care.

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