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Rooting Wandering Jew Inchplants: How To Propagate Wandering Jew Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Wandering jew is a pretty houseplant that creeps over the edge of containers for a nice effect alone or with a mix of plants. To get more of it to fill in pots and beds, you can easily take cuttings. Find out how propagate cuttings in this article.

Killing Wandering Jew Plants: How To Get Rid Of Wandering Jew Weeds In The Garden

By Liz Baessler

While it can make for a striking addition to your garden, wandering jew is extremely invasive and should be treated with caution. Click here for information about wandering jew and, specifically, how to get rid of the stuff.

Growing Wandering Jew Outside: How To Plant Wandering Jew Outdoors

By Amy Grant

The wandering jew plant is truly one of the easiest plants to grow as a houseplant due to its adaptability. But can wandering jew survive outdoors? Read this article to find out if this is an option for you.

Growing Wandering Jew Plants – How To Grow Wandering Jew Plants

By Jackie Rhoades

Years ago, before raising plants for profit became a business, every housewife knew how to grow wandering jew houseplants. For those new to the plant, however, the following article provides tips on its care.

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