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Okra Mosaic Virus Info: Learn About Mosaic Virus Of Okra Plants

Okra mosaic virus was first seen in okra plants in Africa, but there are now reports of it popping up in the U.S. This virus is still not common, but it is devastating to crops. If you grow okra, you are not likely to see it, but if you do, this article may help.

Algerian Ivy Care: Tips For Growing Algerian Ivy Plants

Evergreen vines can be used as groundcovers for troublesome areas of the garden, such as slopes or other areas where grass has a hard time establishing. Algerian ivy plants are one such plant that will easily establish, where turf or other plants won’t. Learn more here.

Root Knot Nematode Control – Saving Carrots Affected By Root Knot Nematodes

Carrots affected by root knot nematodes display malformed, stubby, hairy roots. The carrots are still edible, but they are ugly and distorted. Additionally, reduced yields are inevitable. Root knot nematode control is possible and this article will help.

Pea Powdery Mildew Treatment: Controlling Powdery Mildew In Peas

Powdery mildew is a common disease that afflicts many plants, and peas are no exception. Powdery mildew can cause a variety of problems, including stunted or distorted growth, decreased harvest and small, flavorless peas. Find more information here.

What Is Black Rot Of Cole Crops: Learn About Cole Vegetable Black Rot

Black rot on cole crops is a serious disease that can decimate an entire crop. How then can cole crop black rot be controlled? Click this article to find out how to identify the symptoms of cole vegetable black rot and how to manage black rot of cole crops.

Growing Aspen Seeds – How And When To Plant Aspen Seeds

Aspen seed propagation is also possible if you know how to grow aspens from seeds and you are willing to work at it. For information on getting seeds from aspen trees and when to plant aspen seeds, this article will help.

Cilantro Has White Coating On Leaves: Managing Cilantro With Powdery Mildew

Periods of high humidity, overhead watering and overcrowded plants are likely to lead to powdery mildew on cilantro and many other plants. Learn what to do to control and, if possible, prevent the disease. This article will help get you started.

Potatoes With Mosaic Virus: How To Manage Mosaic Virus Of Potatoes

Symptoms of the different mosaic virus of potatoes may be similar, so the actual type usually can’t be identified by symptoms alone. Still, it is important to be able to recognize the signs of potato mosaic and learn how to treat it. This article will help.

Calopogon Information – Learn About Calopogon Orchid Care In Landscapes

Calopogon orchids are just one of several types of orchids that are native to North America. With the right Calopogon information and the right environment, you can grow these beautiful orchids in your temperate garden. Click this article to learn more.

What Is Internal Tipburn: Managing Internal Tipburn Of Cole Crops

Internal tipburn of cole crops affects such foods as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Learn the signs of internal tipburn so you can save your cole crops from this potentially damaging condition. This article will help.