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Autumn Revolution Bittersweet Info: Learn About American Autumn Revolution Care

For fall and winter gardens, we sometimes have to look for interest besides blooms. One such plant that can add splashes of color is American Revolution bittersweet vine, more commonly referred to as Autumn Revolution. Click on this article for more info.

Mahonia Information: Learn How To Grow A Leatherleaf Mahonia Plant

When you want unique shrubs with a certain type of whimsy, consider leatherleaf mahonia plants. With long, upright shoots of yellow clustered flowers that extend out like octopus legs, growing it makes you feel you have stepped into a Dr. Seuss book. Learn more here.

Fruitless Avocado Problems – Reasons For An Avocado Tree With No Fruit

Although avocado trees produce more than a million flowers at bloom time, most fall from the tree without producing fruit. Even with this excessive blossoming, there are several reasons for a fruitless avocado. Click here to learn why there is no fruit on an avocado tree.

Jerusalem Sage Information: How To Grow Jerusalem Sage In The Garden

Jerusalem sage is a shrub native to the Middle East that produces delightful yellow flowers even in drought conditions and poor soil. Learn more Jerusalem sage information, such as how to grow Jerusalem sage and tips for Jerusalem sage care, in this article.

Is Star Jasmine Good For Hedges – Learn About Growing A Jasmine Hedge

Is star jasmine good for hedges? Many gardeners think so. Growing a jasmine hedge is easy and the result is sure to be beautiful. If you are wondering how to grow star jasmine as a hedge, click here. We’ll also give you some tips on pruning jasmine hedges.

What To Do With Cattail Seeds: Learn About Saving Cattail Seeds

Collecting cattail seeds and planting them successfully requires timing and the right conditions. Read this article to learn what to do with cattail seeds and how to propagate this plant with a long history of use. Click here for more information.

Onion Bacterial Blight – Treating Onions With Xanthomonas Leaf Blight

Bacterial blight of onion is a fairly common disease of onion plants—depending on where you live—that can cause minor losses to a complete loss of onion crop, depending on environmental conditions. Learn more about the disease in this article.

Cutting Back Crown Of Thorns: How To Prune A Crown Of Thorns Plant

Most types of crown of thorns have a natural, branching growth habit, so extensive crown of thorns pruning isn’t generally needed. However, some fast-growing or bushier types may benefit from pruning or thinning. Click here to learn the basics of pruning crown of thorns.

Common Hellebore Diseases – How To Treat Sick Hellebore Plants

Hellebores are usually resistant to pests and diseases. However, the term “resistant” does not mean that hellebore is immune from experiencing problems. If you have been concerned about your sick hellebore plants, this article is for you. Click here to learn more.

Burnt Avocado Leaves: What Causes Avocado Leaf Burn

When the tips of your avocado leaves look scorched but the sun isn’t hot, you may be perplexed. Why are my avocado leaves burnt, you may ask. Leaf burn doesn’t always result from high-voltage sunshine. If you want to understand the causes, this article will help.