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Chimera In Onions – Learn About Plants With Onion Leaf Variegation

Have onions with streaked leaves? If you have done everything by the “book” and still have onion leaf variegation, what could be the issue? Click on the article that follows to get the answer to “why are my onions variegated.”

What Is Hellebore Black Death: Recognizing Black Death Of Hellebores

Black Death of hellebores is a serious disease that may be mistaken with other less serious or treatable conditions. In this article, we will answer the questions: what is hellebore Black Death, what are its signs and symptoms, and what is the treatment, if any?

Elephant Ear Plant Disease In Gardens: How To Treat Sick Elephant Ears

Elephant ears are often grown for their huge, robust foliage. The leaves are prone to several diseases which mar this ornamental appeal. There are also diseases that can cause crown and root rot. If your plant has disease symptoms, this article can help.

Bristlecone Pine Information – Planting Bristlecone Pines In Landscapes

Few plants are more interesting than bristlecone pine trees, short evergreens that are native to mountains in this country. They grow very slowly but live a very long time. For more bristlecone pine information, including tips on planting bristlecone pines, click here.

Wilting Swiss Chard Plants: Why Is My Swiss Chard Wilting

Swiss chard is a great garden plant that’s easy to grow and get a lot of success from, but like anything, it’s not a guarantee. Sometimes you hit a snag, like wilting. Wilting is actually a really common problem, but it only has a few causes. Learn more here.

Red Buckeye Trees: Tips On Caring For Dwarf Red Buckeyes

Dwarf red buckeye trees are really more like shrubs, but no matter how you describe it, this is a nice, compact form of the buckeye tree that produces the same interesting leaves and upright spikes of spring flowers. Learn more in this article.

Rotting Lettuce Plants – Managing Lettuce With Soft Rot

Soft rot is a group of troublesome bacterial diseases that cause problems for gardeners around the world. Soft rot of lettuce is disheartening and extremely difficult to control. If your lettuce is rotting, there is no cure. Learn more in this article.

Managing Aster Yellows Of Carrots – Learn About Aster Yellows In Carrot Crops

Aster yellows disease is a disease caused by a mycoplasma organism. How does aster yellows present in carrots? The following article contains information on aster yellows symptoms, specifically carrot aster yellows and its control.

Myrobalan Plum Pruning Info: How To Prune Myrobalan Cherry Plums

Should I cut back Myrobalan plum? While frequent or excessively trimming a cherry plum is not recommended, it may be necessary at times. Click on the article the follows to learn when and how to prune Myrobalan cherry plums.

Lavender Hidcote Info – Tips For Growing Lavender Hidcote Plants

Lavender Hidcote is a blue English lavender which thrives in USDA zones 5 to 9. This compact form is easy to grow and very versatile. Some tips on how to grow Hidcote lavender can help you transform your herb garden into an aromatic dream. Learn more here.