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Hand Seed Spreader
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There are many ways to get grass seed or fertilizer spread evenly over your yard. You can simply pay a lawn service to do it or do the job yourself. Although this requires an initial investment in a tool, it will ultimately cost less. Handheld garden spreaders are the cheapest and easiest spreader tools to use. Consider this option for low cost and ease of use, especially for smaller spaces.

What is a Hand Spreader?

Hand spreading seeds or fertilizer without some type of tool isn’t recommended. You won’t be able to space the material very well, which means you’ll end up with clumps of seeds and fertilizer as well as bare patches.

An inexpensive tool for hand spreading seeds and fertilizer more evenly and easily is a handheld spreader. Just what is a hand spreader you may wonder? This is a small, simple device with a hopper to hold the seed or fertilizer. There is a hand crank for dispersing the material, although some hand spreaders have a battery-operated mechanism, so you don’t have to crank it at all.

A hand spreader is the easiest of all types of spreaders to use. Compared to a drop or broadcast spreader that you push across the yard, a handheld type is lightweight, inexpensive, and simple to use. It’s best for smaller spaces and smaller budgets. You can even use it for distributing salt on your driveway or walkways in the winter.

How to Use a Hand Spreader

Using a hand spreader isn’t difficult. If you can walk the entirety of your yard, you can easily use this device to disperse seeds or fertilizer. First, make sure you read the instructions for using your particular model. In general, though, you can follow these steps and tips:

Choose the setting for broadcast area if your spreader includes that option. Fill the hopper with seed or fertilizer. Do this in an area, like the driveway, that will be easy to clean if you spill. Wear gloves when working with fertilizer.

Turn the crank or pull the trigger on a battery-operated device while walking at a normal pace around your yard. If you need to stop walking, simply stop cranking or stop the motor from spinning. Clean and dry the spreader after each use.

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