Agapanthus Flowering: Bloom Time For Agapanthus Plants

agapanthus bloom
agapanthus bloom
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Also known as African lily and lily of the Nile but commonly known simply as “aggie,” agapanthus plants produce exotic looking, lily-like blooms that take center stage in the garden. When is agapanthus bloom time and how often does agapanthus bloom? Read on to find out.

Agapanthus Bloom Season

Bloom time for agapanthus depends on the species, and if you plan carefully, you can have an agapanthus flowering from spring until the first frost in autumn. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the many possibilities:

  • ‘Peter Pan’ – This dwarf, evergreen agapanthus produces pale blue flowers throughout the summer.
  • ‘Snow Storm’ – Shows off in a big way with snow white clusters in late summer and early autumn.
  • ‘Albus’ – Another pure white agapanthus that lights up the garden in late summer and early autumn.
  • ‘Black Pantha’ – A relatively new variety that produces nearly black buds that open to a deep shade of violet-blue in spring and summer.
  • ‘Lilac Flash’ – This unusual cultivar reveals sparkly, lilac blooms in midsummer.
  • ‘Blue Ice’ – This early to midsummer bloomer bears deep blue flowers that eventually fade to a pure white base.
  • ‘White Ice’ – Waxy, pure white blooms appear from spring until late summer.
  • ‘Amethyst’ – This dwarf plant is super impressive with subtle lilac flowers, each marked with a contrasting deep lilac stripe.
  • ‘Storms River’ – An evergreen plant that displays abundant clusters of pale blue blooms in midsummer.
  • ‘Selma Bock’ – Another evergreen variety, this one reveals white, blue throated flowers toward the end of the blooming season.

How Often Does Agapanthus Bloom?

With proper care, agapanthus flowering occurs repeatedly for several weeks throughout the season, then this perennial powerhouse returns to put on another show the next year. Agapanthus is a nearly indestructible plant and, in fact, most agapanthus varieties self-seed generously and may even become somewhat weedy.

Mary H. Dyer

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