Flower Bulb Catalogs – How To Find A Trustworthy Bulb Supplier

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Fall, spring or summer blooming bulbs add lively color and variant texture to the landscape. Whether you purchase the old standbys,like tulips and crocus, or expensive, rare bulbs, they still need to be healthy. The biggest, brightest flowers come from the biggest, chubbiest tubers and bulbs. If you order online, you may be surprised at the quality of bulbs you receive. Buying flower bulbs online offers large selection and easy acquisition but not always the best quality. Here we have assembled a list of some the most trustworthy bulb suppliers and information to help ensure you get good deals and great bulbs.

How to Find a Trustworthy Bulb Supplier

Online bulb retailers generally have the largest variety of plant types. Flower bulb suppliers provide wonderful descriptions and care for the plants and offer convenience with their easy to peruse and use cyber catalogs. The only problem with buying flower bulbs online is that you can’t pick each one yourself. Often, your bulbs will arrive and they will be shriveled, wizened, rotted or moldy and, therefore, unusable. You also may not be getting the largest bulbs, which are the gateway to the biggest flowers. Be cautious when using online flower bulb catalogs and order through proven companies instead.

It’s Time for Flower Bulb Catalogs!

Spring and summer bulbs need to be planted in fall in most zones in order to have brilliant displays as soon as winter weather is chased away. That means anytime now the plant and bulb catalogs will be arriving on your door step and it will be time to decide what plants you wish to select and grow. If you are selecting bulbs yourself, you would choose those that are firm and have no signs of disease. However, online ordering is different and you have no say in the bulbs that are packaged for you. Buy early so you get the best selection and before any of your choices runs out. Also, check with sources you trust for reputable flower bulb suppliers. One way to start finding an online retailer you can trust is to reference publications and websites that you admire and trust. Plant based blogs and websites often give a shout out to online stores that they recommend. These recommendations are usually from personal experience and have been arrived at through the tried and true method. Of course, some websites have advertisers and subscribers that they tout as trustworthy but it may just be the money talking. Be judicious in vetting your sources. Buying flower bulbs online is an exercise in faith. Having confidence in your online flower bulb suppliers is the first step to those bountiful, fabulous bulb flowers. Before you order anything, make sure the plants you want will thrive in your region. Nature can produce miracles but it needs good raw materials with which to work. Also, do your research first and make sure that whomever you get plants from has not only a good reputation but accepts returns/guarantees their products should something so wrong. You may also feel comfortable checking in with your local county extension. These are almost completely run by master gardeners who are plant people extraordinaire. Take their advice on which online companies are trustworthy and provide the best bulbs.

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