Information About Lily Of The Valley

Growing Lily Of the Valley: When To Plant Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley plants are one of the most fragrant blooming plants in the spring and early summer throughout the northern temperate zone. Learn how to grow these plants in this article.

Treating Diseased Lily Of The Valley Plants – Symptoms Of Lily Of The Valley Disease

There are some plants that it almost breaks your heart to see sick. Lily of the valley is one of those plants and one that’s worth trying to save, when you can. Click here to learn how to treat sick lily of the valley, as well as ways to keep your plants healthier.

Lily Of The Valley Has Yellow Leaves – Reasons For Yellow Lily Of The Valley Leaves

Lily of the valley is known for its sweet fragrance and delicate white nodding flowers. When those two things are accompanied with yellow foliage, it’s time to dig a little deeper to figure out what’s wrong. Learn more about yellowing lily of the valley in this article.

Pests On Lily Of The Valley – Bugs And Animals That Eat Lily Of The Valley Plants

There are few disease issues or lily of the valley pests. These are easily managed provided you know what you are looking for and how to treat the problem. Learn what pests on lily of the valley might be of concern, and how to identify and combat them in this article.

Moving Lily Of The Valley Plants: When To Transplant Lily Of The Valley

A rapid spreader, people find themselves moving lily of the valley all the time with no ill effects to the plant. That said, if you’re new to growing this specimen, click on the following article to find out when and how to transplant lily of the valley.

How Invasive Is Lily Of the Valley: Should I Plant Lily Of The Valley Ground Cover

Is lily of the valley invasive? Lily of the valley is a perennial plant that grows from stem-like underground rhizomes that spread horizontally, often with amazing speed. It also reproduces from seeds. Exactly how invasive is lily of the valley anyway? Find out here.

Dividing Lily Of The Valley: When To Split Lily Of The Valley Plants

Although lily of the valley is extremely easy to grow (and may even become aggressive), occasional division is necessary to prevent the plant from becoming unhealthy and overcrowded. The following article can help get you started with lily of the valley division.

Is Lily Of The Valley Poisonous – Understanding Lily Of The Valley Toxicity

Is lily of the valley safe for gardens? Lily of the valley toxicity makes it unsafe to have around children and pets. The plant is so dangerous that ingestion could result in a trip to the emergency room, or in rare cases death. Learn more in this article.

Lily Of The Valley Varieties – Growing Different Types Of Lily Of The Valley Plants

Lily of the valley plants produce a delicate, fragrant flower that is unmistakable and a great addition to the garden. But what kind of selection is out there? Learn more about the different lily of the valley plant types in this article.

Lily Of The Valley Won’t Bloom: Why Is My Lily Of The Valley Not Blooming

Lily of the valley is a delightful spring bloom with tiny, bell-shaped white flowers. It does well in shadier areas of the garden and can even be a pretty ground cover, but when your lily of the valley isn’t blossoming, all you have is a lot of greenery. Find out how to fix that here.

Container Growing Lily Of The Valley: How To Plant Lily Of The Valley In Pots

Since lily of the valley can do well in full shade to full sun, it’s a versatile plant that can brighten up virtually any spot. But can you grow lily of the valley in pots? Learn more about container growing lily of the valley plants here.

Lily Of The Valley Seed Pod – Tips On Planting Lily Of The Valley Berries

Can you plant lily of the valley berries? Certainly, but the easiest and quickest way to start the plants is by division. Still want to try it? Learn how to prepare the seed and when to plant lily of the valley berries for the best chance of success in this article.

Lily Of The Valley Control – How To Kill Lily Of The Valley

While many people love growing lily of the valley for its attractive, fragrant blooms, some people find lily of the valley invasive, especially when left on its own. Find out how to eliminate the plant in this article.