Information About Snowdrops

Multi-Colored Snowdrops: Do Non-White Snowdrops Exist

One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, snowdrops (Galanthus spp.) are delicate-looking little plants with drooping, bell-shaped flowers. Traditionally, snowdrops colors have been limited to pure white, but do non-white snowdrops exist? Find out here.

Snowdrops Bulbs: What Is “In The Green”

Snowdrops are one of the earliest blooming bulbs available. The best time to plant snowdrops is when they are “in the green.” What is in the green? Find out more about this term in the article that follows.

Information About Snowdrops And When To Plant Snowdrop Flower Bulbs

Snowdrop flower bulbs are grown in both cold winter regions and moderate winters. Find out more about how to plant and care for snowdrops in your garden by reading this article.