Popular Anacampseros Varieties – Tips For Growing Anacampseros Plants

Anacampseros Plants
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Native to South Africa, Anacampseros is a genus of small plants that produces dense mats of ground-hugging rosettes. White or pale purple flowers bloom sporadically throughout the summer, opening only during daylight hours. Read on to learn more about growing Anacampseros, along with a little information about the most popular Anacampseros varieties.

How to Grow Anacampseros

Anacampseros succulents are easy to grow, as long as you can provide the proper growing conditions. Healthy Anacampseros succulents are rarely affected by pests or disease, but they don’t tolerate cold weather.

Raised beds work well and can make Anacampseros plant care easier. You can also grow these small plants in containers, but be sure to bring them indoors if you live north of USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11.

Add a generous amount of sand or grit to the soil before planting; Anacampseros succulents require dry, gritty soil. Partial shade is fine, but sun brings out the vivid colors in the leaves. However, beware of intense afternoon sun, which may scorch the plant.

Water Anacampseros succulents once weekly during spring and summer. Avoid excessive water. Water sparingly only once a month during fall and winter when the plant enters a dormant period. Like all succulents, Anacampseros will rot in soggy conditions. If you grow the plant in a pot, be sure it never stands in water. Also, watering at the base of the plant is healthier and may help avoid rot and fungal disease. Avoid wetting the leaves.

Fertilize Anacampseros succulents every two to three weeks during spring and summer using a diluted solution of water-soluble fertilizer or a product formulated specifically for cactus and succulents.

Common Anacampseros Varieties

Anacampseros crinita: Fleshy, crowded leaves growing in a spiral with pale green to reddish green or pink blooms in summer.

Anacampseros telephiastrum ‘Variegata’: Lance-shaped green leaves marked with creamy pink or yellow. Has pink flowers in summer.

Anacampseros retusa: Rounded or lance-shaped leaves. Blooms are pinkish or pale purple.

Anacampseros filamentosa: Small, rounded or oval leaves densely covered with white hairs. Pink blooms in summer.

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