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Common Pitaya Problems: Dragon Fruit Pests And Diseases

By Amy Grant

Pitaya problems may be environmental, or the result of dragon fruit pests and diseases. The following article contains information about pitaya problems and how to identify and manage dragon fruit issues. Click here to learn more.

How To Get Dragon Fruit: Reasons For No Fruit On Pitaya Cactus Plants

By Liz Baessler

Dragon fruit is a thoroughly tropical looking fruit you may have seen in the market. This bright pink, scaly fruit comes from a long, winding cactus of the same name. But what do you do if your pitaya won?t fruit? Learn how to make dragon fruit bear fruit in this article.

Pitaya Plant Propagation: Growing A New Dragon Fruit Plant

By Amy Grant

If you're looking for an absolutely unique and beautiful fruit to grow, try propagating a dragon fruit, or pitaya cactus plant. Not sure where to start? That's okay. The following article has information on propagating these plants. Click here to learn more.

My Pitaya Won’t Bloom: Why Flowers Won’t Form On Pitaya Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Dragon fruit cactus, also known as pitaya, is a vining cactus with long, flattened leaves and brilliantly colored fruits that develop after the plant flowers. If there are no flowers on your plant, it may because you?re treating this tropical like a desert cactus. Learn more here.

Pitahaya Information: Learn How To Grow Dragon Fruit

By Liz Baessler

If you want to grow dragon fruit at home, you'll be rewarded not only with fruit, but also with an impressive, branching cactus vine and brilliant, night-blooming flowers. This article provides info on how to grow dragon fruit.

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