Information About Epiphyllum

Epiphyllum Varieties: Types Of Cactus Orchid Plants

Epiphyllum are the gems of the cactus world. Commonly called orchid cactus, they produce absolutely stunning flowers. There are many types of Epiphyllum, but the majority are epiphytic and live in trees while a few species are terrestrial. Learn more here.

Epiphyllum Cactus Info – How To Grow Curly Locks Cactus

Curly locks has curly, curved stems which are the result of a mutation. If you know someone with the plant, it is easy to learn how to grow curly locks from stem fragments. This article will help get you started.

Epiphyllum Plant Care: Tips For Growing Epiphyllum Cactus

Epiphyllum are epiphytic cacti. Some call them orchid cactus due to their large bright blooms and growth habit. Caring for Epiphyllums is a water balancing act. Here are a few tips on how to grow Epiphyllum and achieve healthy plants.

Epiphyllum Seed Pods: What To Do With Pods On Epiphyllum Plant

Epiphyllum cactus have lovely flowers, which turn into a chubby little fruit filled with tiny seeds. Growing Ephiphyllum seeds will take some patience but it is a rewarding endeavor that will give you more of these beautiful plants. This article will help.