Gasteraloe Plant Care: Learn How To Grow Gasteraloe Plants

Potted Gasteraloe Plant
(Image credit: Miguelstudios)

What is Gasteraloe? This category of hybrid succulent plants display unique color and marking combinations. Gasteraloe growing requirements are minimal and Gasteraloe plant care is easy, thus making these succulent plants a great choice for beginning gardeners.

What is a Gasteraloe?

Gasteraloe plants, also known as x Gastrolea, are an unusual category of succulent plants that are hybridized from Gasteria and Aloe plants. It is thought that these plants first originated in South Africa. Gasteraloe plants have thick succulent leaves that are usually marked or spotted with each leaf having toothed margins. These plants sometimes produce tubular flowers that bloom on extensions that can be up to two feet (.60 m.) long. Reproduction occurs through offsets that grow from the base of the mother plant.

Gasteraloe Growing Requirements and Care

How to grow Gasteraloe plants? Growing a Gasteraloe is easy. These plants, which are grown outdoors as perennials in frost-free climate zones, look great planted in rock gardens. In the colder climate zones, Gasteraloes make wonderful houseplants and their popularity as container grown patio plants is growing. Gasteraloe plants grow best in partial/dappled sunlight with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Grown as an outdoor perennial in frost free areas, Gasteraloe will generally survive on its own with little intervention from the gardener. As a houseplant or potted patio plant, Gasteraloe should be treated as a typical succulent. It is a vigorous grower that should be repotted every two years and fed every spring with a slow release fertilizer. Water a potted Gasteraloe sparingly when dry to the touch, and about once per month in winter. If Gasteraloe is grown as a patio plant, rainfall should provide adequate moisture but manual watering may be required if rainfall has been minimal. Gasteraloe plant care and Gasteraloe growing requirements are minimal, making them the perfect plants for the beginning gardener. Partial sunshine and a little water from time to time when necessary is all these succulent plants require to thrive, creating a beautiful addition to any gardener’s collection. Biography: Wanette Lenling is a freelance garden writer and an attorney from the Midwest. She has been gardening since she was a child and she has over a decade of experience working as a professional gardener for a landscape and garden center.