Information About Ocotillo

Ocotillo In Containers – Caring For Potted Ocotillo Plants

Although ocotillo is usually an in-ground plant, there’s no reason you can’t grow ocotillo in containers. If this idea strikes your fancy, this article can help. Just click here to learn about growing ocotillo in a pot.

Why Is My Ocotillo Not Blooming – How To Get Ocotillo Flowers

Ocotillos are notable for their bright red flowers and whip-like stems. If you're wondering, "why is my octillo not blooming," click this article for some possible reasons and solutions to make this desert wonder fully flower.

Ocotillo Care: Tips On Planting Ocotillo In The Garden

The ocotillo plant is desert shrub that produces a spectacle of bright pink flowers on whip-like canes. It is often called ocotillo cactus but is not truly a cactus. Learn more about this plant and how to grow it here.