Information About General Cactus Care

Cactus plants are typically associated with desert climates, but both cacti and succulents make excellent landscaping plants nearly anywhere. You can even grow cactus indoors in containers. These plants require little maintenance and are easy to grow. Cactus pests and problems are also minimal but can be dealt with easily with the right cactus plant care. Read on to learn about growing cactus plants.

Cactus Sunburn Treatment: How To Save A Sunburned Cactus Plant

A fairly common problem occurs when a cactus becomes yellow on the most sun exposed side of the plant. Can a cactus plant get sunburned? If so, is there a cactus sunburn treatment? Click this article to learn more about caring for a sunburned cactus.

Cactus Anthracnose Control: Tips For Treating Fungal Diseases In Cactus

Cacti seem to be hardy and fairly resistant to problems, but fungal diseases in cactus can be a major issue. An example of this is anthracnose fungus in cactus. Is there any effective cactus anthracnose control? Find out about treating anthracnose in cactus here.

Moving A Cactus Plant: How To Transplant A Cactus In The Garden

Occasionally, mature cactus plants have to be moved. Moving cacti in the landscape, especially large specimens, can be a challenge. This following article contains tips on how to transplant a cactus without harm to you or the plant.

Cactus Plant Protection – How To Keep Rodents Away From Cactus

For some gardeners, rodents feeding on cactus can become a serious problem. Poison is one option, but you take the risk of harming birds and wildlife. If you’re wondering how to keep rodents away from cactus, click this article for a few suggestions.

How Often Do You Need To Water A Cactus Plant?

How often do you need to water a cactus plant? There is more to how to water a cactus than the timing. You also need the correct soil porosity, container drainage, site conditions and time of year. This article provides more information on watering cactus plants.

Succulent Container Ideas: Unusual Containers For Succulents

As long as an object can hold the soil, drain well and evaporate excess water, it can probably hold a succulent. Let's investigate some unusual containers for succulents and see what kind of creative setting you can find for your plants. Learn more here.

Fertilizing Cactus Plants: When And How To Fertilize A Cactus

Wondering how to fertilize a cactus plant can present a bit of a dilemma, because the first question that comes to mind is “Does a cactus need fertilizer, really?” Find out and learn more about fertilizing cactus plants.

Succulent Plant Info: Learn About Types Of Succulents And How They Grow

Succulents are a group of plants with one of the most diverse forms, colors and blooms. Click this article for some fun succulent plant info so you can get started collecting the myriad of varieties available in this special class of plant.

Glochid Spines: Learn About Plants With Glochids

Cacti are amazing plants with unique adaptations that allow them to thrive in inhospitable terrain. One of these adaptations is spines such as glochids. Learn more about plants with glochids in this article and how to get rid of them.

Cactus Pruning Info: How And When To Prune A Cactus Plant

It might surprise you to find that cacti can and do need to be pruned now and then. Cactus pruning is not always necessary and when to prune a cactus plant will depend upon why you are trimming it. Learn more in this article.

Cactus Repotting Info: When And How Should I Repot My Cactus

Cacti are low maintenance plants for the home with a ton of character and a vast array of form. Many gardeners ask “should I repot my cactus?” Read here for tips on how to repot a cactus and do it without spending the rest of the day picking spines out of your hands.

Holiday Cactus Varieties: What Are The Different Types Of Holiday Cactus

The three common holiday cacti, named for time of year the blooms appear, include Thanksgiving cactus, Christmas cactus and Easter cactus. All three are easy to grow and have similar growth habits and care requirements. Learn more here.

Xerophytic Garden Design: How To Use Xerophyte Desert Plants In The Landscape

Xerophyte desert plants are a perfect example of adapted plants. Gardening with xerophytes allows you to exploit their special characteristics, and this article will help you learn more about them.

Grafted Cactus Care: Tips For Grafting Cactus Plants

Grafting cactus plants is a straightforward method of propagation which even a novice gardener can try. Different species work better with different methods but a brief cactus grafting guide follows with basic instructions on how to graft a cactus in this article.

Removing Offsets From Cactus: How To Remove Cactus Pups On Plant

One of the easiest methods of plant propagation is by removing cactus pups. Many species of cactus are known for growing cactus pups, which carry the identical characteristics of the parent. Learn how to remove cactus pups on plants in this article.

Cactus Potting Soil – Proper Planting Mix For Cacti Plants Indoors

Cactus potting soil can enhance drainage, increase evaporation and provide the dry conditions that cacti favor. What is cactus mix? Learn more in this article. Click here for additional information.

Cactus Problems: Why Is My Cactus Going Soft

Cactus problems may range from sucking pests, like whitefly, to common rots from bacteria or fungal disease. One of the telltale signs of a problem is a soft, mushy cactus. Learn more in this article.

Oozing Cactus Plants: Reasons For Sap Leaking From A Cactus

It can be frustrating to find one of your prized cactus plants leaking sap. Do not let this put you off, however. Take a look at reasons for sap leaking from a cactus plant in this article and how to fix the issue.

A Succulent Garden Outside – How To Plant An Outdoor Succulent Garden

Succulent garden design is appropriate for warm, temperate and even cold season locations. Learn a little about how to plan an outdoor succulent garden in the article that follows.

Cactus Landscaping – Types Of Cactus For The Garden

Cacti and succulents make outstanding landscaping plants. They require little maintenance, grow in a variety of climates, and are easy to care for and grow. Get tips on growing cacti outdoors in this article.

Hanging Succulent Plants – Learn About Types Of Hanging Cactus

If you are someone who has always been partial to hanging baskets, yet you like cacti and succulent plants, you might be wondering, "What are my choices?" There are plenty, and this article will help.

Cacti And Succulents Inside Your Home

Growing cacti and succulents can be an addictive pastime! There are a number of varieties that can be easily grown and cared for. This article focuses on growing cactus and succulent plants indoors.

Propagating Cacti And Succulents

There are quite a few ways to take cuttings off succulent plants, so it's no wonder why it may seem intimidating. Read here to get information on cacti and succulent propagation.

Exotic Showstoppers: Beautiful Succulents

Succulent plants are not only easy to care for but provide a wealth of intriguing shapes and stunning colors. Read this article to learn more about these plants and how to grow them nearly anywhere.