Tiny Potted Succulents In A Bathroom Window
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Some succulents can be great options for bathroom decoration, starting with those in the Sansevieria family. Most are flexible about light and water needs. They are also said to work well at cleaning the air. If there are windows in your bathroom, so much the better. 

And if not, rotate these plants out on sunny days, perhaps placing them outside early on a sunny morning. Locate them in sunny-morning conditions where they won’t get excessive light. Add lighting to provide indirect light to your plants if they are not accustomed to full sunlight.

Consider the Best Succulents for a Bathroom

Sansevieria is a great option for the bathroom in many ways. It will absorb toxins that often occur in bathrooms. Typical bathrooms contain various stored medications and cleaning products.

Overall, Sansevieria has a reputation for being among the hardiest of succulent plants. There are several different varieties. Take a close look at what’s available should you decide to use them in your bathroom. Their characteristics make them flexible for such a project. When you’re paying close attention, you might be surprised at the different types you find. You might also be surprised to find which succulents grow well in a bathroom.

Aloe Vera

The commonly available Aloe vera is also an interesting plant for the bathroom and works well in all sizes. These hold up well amidst the humidity for a while, then decline starts from the moisture. When this decline begins, move the plant to a dry and slightly sunny spot in the house or outside. As the plant recovers, locate it in about six hours of filtered indirect sun. In many cases it will return to a healthy, growing plant even after a time of growing in the bathroom.

Avoid watering the Aloe and other plants while they are growing in the bathroom. Plant all the bathroom specimens into a healthy, well-draining potting mix designed for succulents. This allows the plants to live longer in the damp conditions.

Can I Put Succulents in My Bathroom?

Gasteria is another great possibility for the low light, windowless bathroom. Commonly called ox tongue, Gasteria can exist happily in a low light environment for a time. As with other plants you use in the bathroom, perk them up later in a dry location.

If you plan to save these plants later after a time in the bathroom, go ahead and install lighting to help them exist longer and more completely there. Simple plant lights are often enough to keep them healthy longer.


The colorful Dracaena plant is great for a bathroom floor. These are available in various colors and sizes. Pick one that is big enough to fill a good size pot. Choose coordinating shades to match the other plants you use in your bathroom. Variegated dracaena can complement your other green plants; green or red leaves can coordinate with other plants. Strappy, uplifted leaves above the container and growing from a main stalk make the plant appear more full. Plant it near the top of the pot. Some describe the plant as whimsical.

Kalanchoe tomentosa, the Panda Pant

The velvet leaved Panda plant grows well in low lighting for a time. Rotate it out into the sunlight along with the others.

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