Pink Cactus Plants: Growing A Cactus With Pink Flowers Or Flesh

Cacti With Pink Flowers
pink cactus
(Image credit: Sara Edwards)

When growing cacti, one of the favorites is cactus with pink flowers. There are pink tinted cacti and those that just have pink blooms. If you’re thinking of growing a different type of cactus in your landscape or as a houseplant, consider those that are pink. You’ll have several from which to choose.

Growing Pink Cacti

Ready to get started? Here are several pink cactus plants to consider:

The grafted moon cactus, botanically called Gymnocalycium cacti, comes with pink heads. This specimen comes in 80 types and is becoming more common in-home collections. The most often available of this group is the moon or Hibotan cacti, found at mass retailers.

“Flowers” bloom on the colorful heads that are grafted onto a taller, green base. Most are confined to a four-inch (10 cm.) container when purchased. Repot into a bigger container to allow growth and encourage blooms. Fertilize a few weeks before bloom time.

Perhaps, the most well-known pink blooms occur on the holiday cacti group. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter cacti are popular among houseplant growers and sometimes bloom around the appointed time. Others in this group simply blossom when conditions are right, whether it is a holiday or not.

Holiday cacti are short-day specific and can be trained to bloom during holiday times. Once they flower at the appointed time, they are more likely to bloom at this time in following years. Six weeks of 12-hour nighttime darkness preceding the holiday encourage flowers. These blooms may also be white, yellow, and red.

Growing pink cacti and getting flowers is not always so methodical. Some pink blooms occur after the plant is well established and in appropriate conditions. Getting cacti to bloom often depends on weather conditions for those that grow outside in the landscape. While we may know all the secrets to getting pink blossoms, weather that is too cold or wet may discourage them from flowering at a set time.

Other Cacti That are Pink Flowering

Some cactus plants have long-lasting, showy flowers while other blooms are insignificant. Cactus plants that sometimes bloom pink include:

  • Coryphanthas: sometimes have attractive, showy blooms
  • Echinocacti: the double barrel cactus sometimes blooms in shades of pink
  • Echinocereus: includes the pink hedgehog
  • Echinopsis: bloom in various shades and flowers are mostly showy
  • Ferocactus: with colorful spines, some are rare, in addition to pink blooms
  • Eriosyce: large group of flowering cacti that sometimes blossom in pink

Many other cacti may flower with pink blooms. If you desire this shade of blooms on your plants, research before planting and make sure to plant the appropriate cultivar.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.