Succulents Too Big For Pot – How To Repot Succulent Arrangements

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If your mixed container of succulents seems to be outgrowing their pot, it is time to replant. If your plants have been in the same container for months or even a couple of years, they’ve depleted the soil and have likely removed all the nutrients. So, even if the plants have not gotten too big for the pot, they will benefit from repotting into new succulent soil fortified with fresh minerals and vitamins.

Even if you fertilize, changing the soil is important for all plants that live in containers. It is good for the plants to have expanded room for the root system to continue growing. The top portion of the plants grows according to the size of the roots. So, whatever the reason, repotting succulent plants is a necessary task. Make it one that’s fun by dividing plants when needed and creating an interesting display.

How to Repot Succulent Arrangements

Water plants well before repotting. You’ll need to let them dry out before removing them from the container. Skip this step if you’ve recently watered. The goal here is to get the plant’s leaves filled up with water, so it can go for a few weeks without needing to be watered again right after repotting.

Choose a bigger container if you are moving succulents that have gotten too big for the pot. If you want to repot in the same container, choose which plants you’ll remove from the arrangement. Some plants may have doubled with new shoots — repot only part of a plant if desired. Slide the edge of your hand spade or large spoon to the bottom of the pot and under the plant. This enables you to take the complete root system.

Try to remove each plant without breaking any roots. This is difficult, and impossible in some situations. Make cuts through roots and soil to make it easier to remove them. Shake off or remove as much of the old soil as you can. Before replanting, treat the roots with rooting hormone or cinnamon. If roots have broken or if you’ve cut them, leave them out of the pot for a few days to callous over. Replant into dry soil and wait for 10 days to two weeks before watering.

Repotting Multiple Succulents

If you’re repotting into the same container, remove all the plants as mentioned above and put them to the side until you wash the container and fill it with fresh soil. If no roots were broken, you may moisten the soil. Put broken roots into dry soil only to avoid root damage and rot. Leave an inch or two (2.5 to 5 cm.) between plants to allow for room to grow.

Fill the container almost to the top so the succulents sit on top and are not buried in the pot.

Return the pot to a location with lighting similar to what they were previously accustomed.

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