Bloom Time For Astilbe Plants: When Does Astilbe Bloom

astilbe bloom
astilbe bloom
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When does astilbe bloom? Astilbe plant bloom time is usually a phase of time between late spring and late summer depending on the cultivar. Read on to learn more.

Astilbe Plant Bloom Time

Astilbes are popular flowering plants for woodland gardens because they are one of the few garden gems that bloom so brightly in full shade. Their flowers display as upright, feathery plumes and come in shades of white, pink, red, and lavender. Each feathery plume is made of many tiny little flowers which open up one after the other. Astilbe cultivars come in a wide range of sizes, from 6 inches (15 cm.) small to 3 feet (91 cm.) tall. They are relatively maintenance-free, and their foliage is nice looking too – deep green and fern-like. They love rich, moist soil. An annual spring dose of 5-10-5 organic fertilizer helps them produce their beautiful blooms year after year from spring through summer.

Does Astilbe Bloom All Summer?

Each astilbe plant does not bloom all summer. Some bloom in late spring, others bloom midsummer, and the late-season astilbe plants bloom late summer or early fall. The trick to extending astilbe plant bloom time is to install a variety of cultivars from each blooming period.

  • Consider the varieties “Europa” (pale pink), “Avalanche” (white), or "Fanal" (deep red) if you want astilbe with late spring or early summer bloom time.
  • For an astilbe that blooms in midsummer, you can plant “Montgomery” (magenta), “Bridal Veil” (white), or “Amethyst” (lilac-purple).
  • The bloom time for astilbe plants that are late-season producers is typically August through September. Consider “Moerheimii” (white), “Superba” (rosey-purple), and “Sprite” (pink).

Take good care of your new astilbe plants. Do not plant them in full sun. After a few years, you will need to divide them in the fall when they start to get crowded. Treat them right and you will have astilbe plant blooms all summer long.

Karen Boness

Karen Boness is the founder of Wild Willow Design, an Australia-based company that specializes in ecological landscape design.