20 Hard-to-Find Spring Flowers & Plants That Look Amazing All Season

Dogwood flowers that are mostly white with pink around the outside. Leaves are green towards the inside and yellow/white towards the outside.

It’s finally beginning to look like spring! If you’re eager to find some unique, hard-to-find varietals to satisfy your spring fever, look here first.

“Obsessed with quality, and focused on giving every plant what it needs to thrive – “ this is how Monrovia® has grown the best plants and trees for nearly a hundred years. Custom-mixing soils for the healthiest roots, they treat their plants like treasured babies, nourishing, pruning and nurturing them as they grow. Monrovia® plants that end up in your local garden center are of the very highest quality in terms of health, vitality and beauty.

Have your order shipped to your local garden center at no charge. Their massive selection, from one-gallon colorful perennials to 15-gallon trees, makes ordering from Monrovia® your best choice for thriving, living plants. Look for Monrovia’s special green containers at your local garden center.

Here are our best suggestions for plants you will love to grow.


We’re all more than ready for spring this year! Consider creating a plant sanctuary that will bring you and your family pleasure all year, for years to come. Check out Monrovia's selection of unique and often hard-to-find plants and try planting them in groups, in pairs or as singular specimen plants. Here are some great ideas for plants that blend well together and can be shipped to your garden center or local Lowes store.


When early bloomers are finished, these gorgeous specimens will surprise you with their mid-spring blooms that bridge the gap between early spring and summer.


The warm lazy days of summer bring some of the most beautiful and rich plants and blooms of the year. These are worth the wait.


If you want to enjoy this year’s purchases all year long, have a look at these special selections from Monrovia®, one of the world’s premiere growers.

Monrovia® provides loads of helpful information about caring for their plants, bushes and trees. You’ll recognize their plants in the distinctive green Monrovia® containers at your local Lowes store and at garden centers and nurseries nationwide. Plus, join Monrovia’s loyalty program today to earn 25 points just for signing up, and a point for every dollar spent!

Along with Monrovia®, all of us at Gardening Know How extend our wishes to you for a most wonderful spring and, as always, happy gardening.

Monrovia® ships in the US and Canada, but not all plants can be shipped to all locations. Check www.monrovia.com for availability in your area.

The above article was sponsored by Monrovia®. The information contained in this article may contain ads or advertorial opinions. All images utilized in this article were provided by Monrovia®.

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