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Types Of Early Spring Blooming Flowers

Early spring flowers can bring the color and warmth of spring to your garden weeks ahead of schedule. Not only do early spring blooming flowers add beauty, they can be helpful in attracting bees [1] and other pollinators [2] to your yard early in the season, which encourages them to make your garden a regular place to visit for them. Keep reading to find what early blooming spring flowers you can put in your garden.

Early Spring Blooming Bulbs

When it comes to early flowering plants, most people think of bulbs. There are a few early spring flower bulbs that can bloom even before the snow is gone. Early spring bulbs include:

Early Spring Flowering Shrubs

Flower bulbs are not the only plants that can bloom in early spring. There are several dramatic early spring blooming shrubs. These include:

Early Spring Perennial Flowers

Many perennial flowers also bloom in the early spring. These loyal early spring flowers will return year after year to bloom first in your garden. These include:

Early spring flowers can lighten your spirits after a long and dreary winter. Even if the snow of winter has not left, you can still enjoy the beginning of spring if you take the time to plant early spring blooming flowers. These early flowering plants can remind you that spring is already peeking her head out.

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