Celebrate Mom With Unique Flowers For Mother’s Day

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Cut flowers or a standard Mother’s Day flower pot are typical and expected gifts for this important holiday. Moms don’t really care what their children give them. It’s the recognition that counts. But, if you’re looking to show Mom how special she is and that you really put some thought into it, try these less expected ideas for Mother’s Day flowers that go beyond the usual bouquet or pot. 

Alternative Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

Flowers are nice, but perhaps predictable. Why not try a different type of plant or something more permanent than a cut bouquet? Gift her a perennial she can put in her garden and enjoy year after year. For an even more lasting gift, plant a tree in Mom’s honor. A spring-flowering tree like redbud or crabapple will remind her of your special gift each year. 

For many mothers, the gift of time is truly precious. Take some gardening chores off her hands by offering your services for a few hours, an afternoon, or an entire weekend. Do the tough chores she likes the least. Weed the beds or transplant something that would be difficult for her to move. 

Mother’s Day Flower Crafts

A handmade gift is always the most special of all. It shows Mom that you spent your valuable time creating something for her, even if it doesn’t come out quite how you expected. 

If your Mom enjoys and expects flowers, try painting a pot for her. You can add a plant to it and give her a double gift. Mom also wants to spend time with her children, so consider setting up a flower craft project you can do together. 

Unique Mother’s Day Flowers

Maybe Mom loves flowers and wants to get them every year. Consider some unique options that go beyond the usual pink roses, cheerful spring tulips, or potted African violet. Find something she doesn’t have or maybe even hasn’t seen before. 

Succulents are popular houseplants but not often used as a Mother’s Day gift. For a lovely gift, pick out a selection of succulents to create a mixed pot for Mom. 

If you have your own garden, fashion a bouquet from what you’ve grown. Many florist shops will also let you create your own bouquet to make it extra special for Mom. Pick out some flower varieties ahead of time and use her favorite flowers or colors for inspiration. Make sure the florist will have them in stock, and then build the bouquet. It might not look professional, but Mom will appreciate your creation. 

Why not let Mom choose her own flowers? If she’s an avid gardener, take her to the local garden center or nursery and treat her to whatever she wants. Get her that fancy pot of mixed annuals she would never splurge on, or a new perennial or shrub. 

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.