Wedding Hellebore Ideas – Choosing Hellebore Flowers For Weddings

Bride Holding Hellebore Flowers For Wedding
hellebore wedding
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With flowers that bloom as early as Christmas time in some locations, hellebore is a popular plant for the winter garden. It makes sense that these beautiful blooms are also making their way into natural winter or early spring wedding arrangements, bouquets, etc. Continue reading for more information on wedding hellebore ideas.

About Hellebore Wedding Flowers

Every bride-to-be wants her wedding day to be a beautiful, outstanding event that her guests talk about for months afterward. For this reason, many of the traditional wedding décor and fashions are being left behind and replaced with more unique, personalized wedding ideas. The traditional, formal bridal bouquet of red roses and wispy, white baby’s breath has been abandoned for natural looking wedding bouquets full of less common blooms and accents. These wedding bouquets oftentimes contain seasonal blooms. When we think of weddings, we usually picture a beautiful spring or summer day for the nuptials. However, studies have found that at least 13 percent of weddings are in winter. While the traditional, common wedding flowers such as roses, carnations, and lilies are available from florists year-round, they can be more costly in winter and early spring. In addition, wedding arrangements and bouquets of summer blooms may seem out of place in a winter wedding. Adding inexpensive, readily available winter blooms such as hellebore flowers for weddings can be the perfect touch that ties the whole wedding scheme together.

Using Hellebore for Wedding Bouquets

Hellebore plants generally start producing beautiful blooms in late winter or early spring, depending on location. These blooms are waxy, somewhat succulent-like, and hold up in floral arrangements quite well. Hellebore wedding flowers are available in many colors such as black, purple, mauve, pink, yellow, white, and light green. Many of their blooms are also variegated with unique speckles or veining. They are available in single or double flowers as well. These unique color and texture attributes add a delightful touch to both traditional and natural bouquets and flower arrangements. Plant breeder Hans Hansen has even created a series of double hellebores that he named the Wedding Party Series. This series includes many varieties such as:

  • ‘Maid Of Honor’ - produces light pink blooms with dark pink speckles
  • ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’ - produces white blooms with wine to purple colored petal margins
  • ‘First Dance’ - produces yellow blooms with dark pink to purple petal margins

These colorful blooms can be mixed with solid colored roses, gardenias, lilies, calla lilies, camellias and many other blooms for outstanding, unique wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. For winter weddings, accents of frosted or painted ferns, dusty miller, licorice plants, evergreen sprigs, or even pine cones can be added. Hellebore wedding flowers can easily be added to the bridesmaid’s curls or up-do’s too.

Darcy Larum