No Flowers On Marigolds: What To Do When Marigolds Will Not Bloom

Marigold Flowers
marigold flower
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Getting a marigold to flower usually isn’t a difficult task, as the hardy annuals usually bloom nonstop from early summer until they are nipped by frost in autumn. If your marigolds will not bloom, the fix is usually fairly simple. Read on for a few helpful suggestions.

Help, My Marigolds are Not Blooming!

Marigold plants not flowering? In order to get more blooms on your marigolds, it helps to understand the most common reasons for no flowers on marigolds. Fertilizer – If your soil is moderately rich, no fertilizer is needed. If your soil is poor, limit fertilizer to an occasional light feeding. Marigolds in excessively rich (or overfertilized) soil may be lush and green but may produce few blooms. This is one of the primary reasons for marigold plants not flowering. Sunshine – Marigolds are sun-loving plants. In shade, they may produce foliage, but few blooms will appear. Lack of adequate sunlight is a very common reason for no flowers on marigolds. If this is the problem, move the plants to a location where they are exposed to full sunlight all day. Soil – Marigolds aren’t fussy about the type of soil, but good drainage is an absolute must. Often, marigolds will not bloom in soggy soil, and may develop a fatal disease known as root rot. Water – Keep marigolds moist the first few days after planting. Once they are established, water them deeply once per week. Water at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry. Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot and other moisture-related diseases. Marigold maintenanceDeadhead marigold plants regularly to trigger continued blooming until fall. Marigolds will not bloom but, instead, will go to seed early if they “think” their job is done for the season. Pests - Most pests aren’t attracted to marigolds, but spider mites may be a problem, especially in dry, dusty conditions. Additionally, a stressed or unhealthy marigold plant may be bothered by aphids. Proper care and regular application of insecticidal soap spray should take care of both pests.

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