Miltoniopsis Pansy Orchid: Tips On Caring For Pansy Orchids

Miltoniopsis Pansy Orchid
(Image credit: iropa)

The Miltoniopsis pansy orchid is possibly one of the friendliest looking orchids you can grow. Its bright, open bloom resembles a face, just like the pansies it was named after. These show-stoppers, also known as Miltonia orchids, originated in the cool cloud forests of Brazil and have developed into hybrid plants with attractive foliage as well as bright flowers.

Pansy Orchid Growing

Pansy orchid growing is mostly a matter of changing the plant's environment to most closely resemble how its ancestors grew, with temperatures that aren't too hot in the daytime and plenty of moisture to encourage floral growth. Study its habits throughout the year and you'll learn how to grow a Miltonia orchid plant. These plants will bloom early in the spring and the flowers will last up to five weeks in most cases. Some hardy varieties will bloom again in the fall, giving you double the color each year. The tall stems will produce up to ten flowers and each flower can grow 4 inches (10 cm.) across. Pansy orchids won't flower if they get too warm or if they dry out. They're very particular about living in a certain environment and won't thrive unless you give them the temperature and moisture they need.

How to Grow a Miltoniopsis Orchid Plant

Miltoniopsis orchid care starts with giving the plant the right home. Their roots are very sensitive to salts and other chemicals from fertilizer, so you'll need fresh planting medium that allows good drainage. Fir bark, sphagnum moss, or a mixture of the two will make a good home for these plants. The medium breaks down and begins to compost very soon, so repot your plant once a year right after they've bloomed. Watering is an important part of caring for pansy orchids. Since they need to have clean roots that are free of deposits, deep watering is necessary. Put the pot in the sink and run warm water over the planting medium until it runs out the bottom of the planter. Allow the pot to sit in the sink until any excess water drains out the bottom. Give your pansy orchid this watering treatment once a week to ensure the right amount of moisture. All plants need food, but these orchids do best with a very small amount. Use 10-10-10 fertilizer and dilute it to one-quarter strength. Use this solution once every two weeks and only when the plant is growing new leaves or stems.