Pansy Bloom Time: When Is Pansy Flowering Season

pansy blooms
pansy blooms
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When do pansies bloom? Pansies still liven up the flower garden all summer long, but that’s not all folks. These days, with new types of pansies being developed, pansy bloom time can last the whole year through. If you want more information about the pansy flowering season, read on. We’ll give you the scoop on pansy plant flowering periods.

About Pansy Plant Flowering

If you wonder “when do pansies bloom,” brace yourself for a long answer to a short question. Different pansies have different pansy flowering seasons in different regions. And many can last in your garden for many, many months. Pansies are known to prefer cool temperatures with thick layers of sunshine. Generally, this means that these easy-care, colorful flowers do best during winter in southern regions, throughout summer in cooler northern regions and during both spring and fall in areas in between. In many areas, pansies are grown as annuals. Gardeners extend pansy bloom time by starting the plants indoors. You can plant pansies in the fall in cold-winter regions and there is a good chance these tough plants will survive to flower in early spring.

Do Pansies Bloom in Summer or Winter?

Pansies are such lovely little flowers and take so little maintenance that they are highly desirable garden guests. Many gardeners want to know how long they can keep them around. Do pansies bloom in summer or winter? As a rule, pansy flowering season is from spring to summer in cool climates, then the flowers die back as temperatures rise. But pansy bloom time is fall to winter in hot areas. That being said, plant breeders extend these familiar options with new cultivars offering longer pansy flowering seasons. Newer varieties of pansies can survive temperatures down to the single digits, freeze solid, then rebloom in early spring. Check out some of the cold-tolerant pansies like the 'Cool Wave’ series of pansy. Even in cold climates, these plants can adorn your hanging baskets deep into winter as long as you protect them by bringing them indoors at night. They are cold hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 5. Or try the ‘Heat Elite’ series. These huge flowers maintain their shape and bloom freely, accepting without a shrug extremes of hot or cold weather. This extends pansy plant flowering in both warm and cool areas.

Teo Spengler

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