Information About Peonies

Growing peony plants may reward the home gardener with large, showy blooms, but if you don't provide them with exactly what these finicky plants want, peony problems will all but certainly occur. For this reason, it is essential to have the best peony flower care available. We can help with that. The following information provides tips and solutions for common issues with peonies.

Peony Flowers – Information On Peony Care

Peony flowers are large, showy and sometimes fragrant, making them an essential in the sunny flower garden. Foliage lasts all summer and is an attractive background for other plantings. Get care info here.

Peony Care In Spring: Tips On Caring For Peonies In Spring

Who doesn’t enjoy brushing aside winter mulch and garden debris to see what little plants are poking up through the soil? In many locations, the red-pink shoots of peony plants are one of the earlier signs of spring. Click this article to learn about spring care of peonies.

What Are Tree Peonies: How To Grow A Tree Peony

With so many varieties of peonies available these days, selecting the right peony for your garden can be confusing. Add terms like tree peony, itoh peony and herbaceous peony, and it can seem overwhelming. This article is specifically about growing tree peonies.

Itoh Peony Types – Tips On Growing Hybrid Peonies In The Garden

Peonies are popular garden plants with both herbaceous and tree peonies available. But there’s also another peony you can grow – hybrid peonies. Click this article to learn more about Itoh peony types and growing hybrid peonies.

Can Peonies Grow In Pots: How To Grow Peony In A Container

Peonies are blowsy old-fashioned favorites. Container grown peonies are excellent for the patio but they require a little more care than in ground plants. Choose a big container and come with us to learn how to grow peony in a container.

Peony Pruning: Is Pruning Of Peony Necessary?

Pruning peonies is easy, and they often require no pruning at all. So how do you know when to trim peonies? Read this article to find out more about when and how to prune a peony.

Peony Leaves Turning White: Fixing A Peony With Powdery Mildew

Are your peony leaves turning white? It’s likely due to powdery mildew. Powdery mildew can affect many plants, including peonies. Read this article to find out what can be done about this issue.

Dividing Peony Plants – Tips On How To Propagate Peonies

If you wonder about dividing peony tubers and expect them to grow, there is an appropriate way of propagating peony plants that you should follow if you expect to be successful. Learn more here.

Peony Problems: Tips For Recovering Peony Plants Once Damaged

In any gardener's flower bed, plants can be subject to damage. When it happens to a peony plant, the damage is even more frustrating because of the picky nature of peonies. Learn more about that here.

Why Your Peony Buds But Never Flowers

The peony is like the grand matriarch of the garden. It knows exactly what it wants, and if you don't provide it with exactly what it wants, a peony will cause problems. Non-blooming is one. Learn more here.