Learn More About Long Stem Roses

Learn More About Long Stem Roses

By: Stan V. Griep, American Rose Society Consulting Master Rosarian – Rocky Mountain District
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By Stan V. Griep
American Rose Society Consulting Master Rosarian – Rocky Mountain District

When most of the general public thinks of roses, the Hybrid Tea Florists roses, also known as long stemmed roses, are what first come to mind.

What is a Long Stem Rose?

When we refer to long stemmed roses, we are typically speaking of Hybrid Tea roses. The Hybrid Tea rose came about in the 1800’s by crossing the Hybrid Perpetual roses and the Tea roses — the best features of both came through in the Hybrid Tea rose. The modern Hybrid Tea roses have a much more mixed genealogy but still have their roots of existence founded in the original cross-breeding.

Hydrid Tea roses have strong sturdy stems supporting a large well-formed bloom. Typically, the Hybrid Tea rose bloom is a single bloom born atop a long sturdy cane and stem. The Hybrid Tea rose blooms are typically those receiving the top honors as Queen, King and Princess of show at rose shows. Due to their long sturdy canes and stems with large well formed blooms, such Hybrid Tea roses are sought after by florists worldwide.

The Meaning of the Colors on Long Stem Roses

One of the reasons for their ongoing popularity is that the colors of long stemmed roses carry with them meanings that have been passed down over the years. Some colors show great love and affection, some peace and joy, while  others sympathy and admiration.

Here is a list of some of the rose bloom colors and their meanings:

  • Red – Love, Respect
  • Burgundy (and dark red) – Unconscious beauty or bashful
  • Light Pink – Admiration, Sympathy
  • Lavender – Symbol of enchantment. Lavender colored roses have also been traditionally used
    to express feelings of love at first sight.
  • Deep Pink – Gratitude, Appreciation
  • Yellow – Joy, Gladness
  • White – Innocence, Purity
  • Orange – Enthusiasm
  • Red & Yellow Blend – Joviality
  • Pale Blended Tones – Sociability, Friendship
  • Red Rosebuds – Purity
  • Rosebuds – Youth
  • Single Roses – Simplicity
  • Two Roses Wired Together – Coming marriage or engagement

This listing is not all inclusive, as there are other colors, mixes and blends with their meanings as well. This listing just gives you a basic idea of the significance the rose bouquets you give to others may carry with them.

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