Enjoy Roses Planted In Containers

Enjoy Roses Planted In Containers

By: Heather Rhoades
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Many urban gardeners would like to grow a rose garden, but find that they simply do not have the space. Growing roses in containers is an excellent alternative. Roses planted in containers have all the beauty of a normal rose garden at half the space.

Choosing the Right Rose Containers

When growing roses in containers, you need to choose the right rose containers to plant them in. Any container that will comfortably hold the rootball of the rose bush and give it at least an additional 5 inches of space to grow.

Make sure that there is a drainage hole in the bottom to allow excess water to drain away.

While any container will work for roses planted in containers, you may want to consider using a lightweight container as the container will be larger and, therefore, heavier.

Planting Roses in Containers

Once you have chosen your rose containers, you can start planting your roses. Roses in containers are plants much like other container plants.

Add some rocks or Styrofoam peanuts to the bottom of the container to help with drainage. Fill the container with soil to the level where the rose plant sits just as you would like it to in the container. Mound some soil in the center of the container and drape the secondary roots over the mound so that they are evenly spread and will grow freely. Fill in the rest of the container with soil to the collar (where the roots meet the main stem) of the plant.

Be sure to water thoroughly and place your rose containers in a sunny location where they will receive at least six hours of sun.

Watering of Container Roses

Roses planted in containers will need more water than roses planted in the ground. When it comes to watering of container roses, during the summer your rose containers will need to be watered daily. On days where the temperatures exceed 85-90 F. (29-32 C.), water twice a day.

You can also use a water soluble fertilizer and add this to the rose’s water once every two weeks. Roses are heavy feeders are need frequent fertilizing.

Roses Suitable for Containers

Some roses suitable for containers are:

  • New Year Rose
  • Showbiz Rose
  • Cathedral Rose
  • Electron Rose
  • Angel Face Rose
  • Europeana Rose
  • Garden Party Rose
  • Ivory Fashion Rose

This is just a sample list of some roses suitable for containers. The traits to look for for roses suitable for containers are shorter season roses with a compact growth pattern. These will be the easiest to maintain.

Growing roses in containers has many advantages. Roses planted in containers not only save space, but they can be moved to new locations so that their beauty can be enjoyed and so that they are always in their ideal environment.

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