Care Of Sweet Peas – How To Grow Sweet Peas

The sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) your grandmother grew truly deserved the name “sweet” because of their delightful fragrance. In recent years, breeders have put fragrance on the back burner, selectively breeding plants with outstanding flowers and a wide range of colors at the expense of fragrance. You can still find fragrant varieties, often labeled as “old fashioned” or “heirloom,” but modern varieties also have their charm. Taking care of sweet peas is easy. They prefer long, cool summers, and don’t last past spring in areas where summers are hot. Where winters are mild, try growing sweet peas over fall and winter. How to Grow Sweet Peas Sweet pea flowers come in both bush and climbing types. Both types are vines, but the bush types don’t grow as tall and can support themselves without the aid of a trellis. If you are growing climbing sweet peas, have your trellis in place … Continue reading Care Of Sweet Peas – How To Grow Sweet Peas