Information About Verbena

How To Harvest Verbena – Guide To Picking Verbena Leaves

Verbena plants have a long history of use both in the kitchen and medicinally. Harvesting verbena plants is easy, and you can use the leaves either fresh or dried. Click on the following article and we’ll tell you more about verbena harvesting in the garden.

Medicinal Uses For Verbena – Using Verbena In Cooking And Beyond

Verbena is a tough little plant that thrives in punishing heat, direct sunlight and nearly any type of well-drained soil. Once you’ve grown a crop of this amazing herb, what are the uses for verbena? Learn more about the many ways to use verbena in this article.

Vervain Herbal Information: Learn How To Grow Vervain Herb Plants

Vervain herb plants are valued for their many beneficial qualities and have been used medicinally for thousands of years. In fact, some people believe vervain herb plants carry supernatural qualities, while others consider it a holy plant. Learn more here.

Verbena Companion Plants – Tips On What To Plant With Verbena

Verbena is a perennial down to USDA zone 6. It’s very short lived, though, and treated as an annual in cooler regions. So if you’re going to plant verbena, what are some good verbena companion plants? Click this article to learn more about what to plant with verbena.

Verbena Plant Care: How To Grow Verbena Plants

If you're searching for long lasting blooms that perform during the hottest days of summer heat, consider planting the verbena flower. The following article contains info on verbena growing and care.