What Are Mukdenia Plants: Tips On Caring For A Mukdenia Plant

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Gardeners who are familiar with Mukdenia plants sing their praises. Those that don’t ask, “What are Mukdenia plants?” These interesting garden specimens native to Asia are low-growing plants. They often offer stunning maple-like leaves. If you need more Mukdenia information, including tips on growing Mukdenia plants, read on.

Mukdenia Information

What are Mukdenia plants? Mukdenia information tells us that they are low-growing herbaceous perennials, perfect for leafy ground cover in cool and mild climates. Several species of plants are grouped in the botanical genus Mukdenia syn. Aceriphyllum. They include Mukdenia rossii and Mukdenia karasuba. With either of these species, Mukdenia plant care is not difficult.

Growing Mukdenia Plants

If you are considering growing Mukdenia plants, it’s important to read up on them and their needs first. You’ll need to find out both about the types available in commerce and about caring for a Mukdenia plant. Generally, Mukdenia plants thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 or 9. That means you can start growing Mukdenia plants almost anywhere in the continental United States, as long as you don’t live where it is very hot or extremely cold. If you want to grow the species rossii, consider the cultivar ‘Crimson Fans.’ This woodland plant, native to China, grows into a low mound. The leaves are exceptionally large, shaped like maple leaves. The foliage grows in bronze in springtime, and you’ll see tiny white bell-shaped flowers appear even before the leaves. As time passes, the leaves change color. They mature into a deep green with crimson tips before they fall in autumn. Another Mukdenia rossi cultivar to consider is 'Karasuba.' This specimen is also a short mounding plant that only reaches 18 inches (45.7 cm.) in height. It has fan-shaped leaves that open red in spring, mature green, then return to red before falling. You’ll also enjoy the stalks of white flowers.

Mukdenia Plant Care

Growing Mukdenia plants is not difficult. You can make caring for a Mukdenia plant even easier by picking a planting site that is suited to its needs. To reduce day-to-day Mukdenia plant care, select a shady site with moist, well-drained soil. Mukdenia accept soil with almost any pH - neutral, alkaline or acidic.

Teo Spengler

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