Information On Calotropis Procera

Calotropis is a shrub or tree with lavender flowers and cork-like bark. The wood yields a fibrous substance that is used for rope, fishing line, and thread. It also has tannins, latex, rubber, and a dye that is used in industrial practices. The shrub is considered a weed in its native India but has also been used traditionally as a medicinal plant. It has numerous colorful names such as Sodom Apple, Akund Crown flower, and Dead Sea Fruit, but the scientific name is Calotropis procera. Appearance of Calotropis Procera Calotropis procera is a woody perennial that carries white or lavender flowers. The branches are twisting and cork-like in texture. The plant has ash-colored bark covered with white fuzz. The plant has silver-green large leaves that grow opposite on the stems. The flowers grow at the tops of apical stems and produce fruits. The fruit of Calotropis procera is oval and … Continue reading Information On Calotropis Procera