Firebush Watering Guide – Tips For Watering A Firebush Shrub

Firebush Shrub
firebush watering
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Firebush, native to the southern United States and as far south as Argentina, is an eye-catching tropical shrub, appreciated for its blazing reddish orange blooms and attractive foliage. How much water does firebush need? This hardy hummingbird magnet is practically bulletproof once established and tends to be relatively drought tolerant, but it does regular irrigation, especially during the early years. Keep reading and we’ll discuss firebush water requirements.

About Firebush Watering

As a general rule, water firebush at least once every week until the plant has been in your garden for a full year. If you live in an extremely hot climate, firebush water requirements may be higher during the intense heat of summer, especially for shrubs planted in full sunlight. Watering a firebush after the first year? Firebush watering requirements decrease substantially after the first year, but regular irrigation is still a must for a healthy plant. In most climates a deep watering every couple of weeks in the absence of rain is adequate. Again, more frequent irrigation may be needed if summer weather is hot and dry or windy. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the top 2 to 3 inches (5-8 cm.) of soil to dry out between each watering, but don’t allow it to become bone dry. Keep in mind that firebush needs regular irrigation, but soggy, poorly drained soil can kill the plant.

Firebush Irrigation Tips

Be sure your firebush is planted in well-draining soil. Firebush watering should be done slowly and deeply using a garden hose or drip irrigation system at the base of the plant. Deep watering will promote long roots and a healthier, drought-tolerant shrub. Spread a generous layer of mulch such as bark chips or pine needles around the tree to minimize evaporation. However, don’t allow the mulch to mound against the trunk. Replenish the mulch as it decomposes or blows away. (Be sure to add a fresh layer before temperatures drop in autumn.)

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