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Care Of Speckled Alder Trees: Learn How To Grow A Speckled Alder Tree

By Teo Spengler

Is it a tree or is it a shrub? Speckled alder trees are just the right height to pass as either. They are native to the northeast regions of this country and Canada. Click this article for more speckled alder information, including tips on how to grow a speckled alder and its care.

Black Alder Tree Info: Tips On Planting Black Alder In The Landscape

By Karen Boness, Owner of Wild Willow Landscape Design

Black alder trees are fast-growing, water-loving, highly adaptable, deciduous trees that hail from Europe. These trees have many uses in the home landscape and have a number of qualities that make them highly attractive. Learn more in this article.

What Is An Alder Tree: Information About Alder Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Alder trees are seldom seen in residential landscapes, but these handsome plants make excellent shade trees and screening shrubs. Read this article for more information on alder trees in the landscape.

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