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Eating Beach Cherries: Can You Eat Beach Cherries From The Garden

By Amy Grant

Beach cherry fruit gives the plant an ornamental look, but can you eat beach cherries? If so, besides eating beach cherries, are there other uses for beach cherries? Click this article to find out if beach cherries are edible and if so how to use them.

Beach Cherry Pruning: Should You Cut Back A Beach Cherry Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Pruning beach cherry plants is a great way to shape and tidy up this plant and also to keep it to a manageable size. This tropical plant fruits year round, so don?t be afraid to prune and trim at any time of year to get the shape you want. Learn more about its pruning in this article.

Beach Cherry Care – Tips For Growing An Australian Beach Cherry

By Teo Spengler

If you live in a toasty region, you can start growing an Australian beach cherry tree outdoors. But gardeners everywhere can add these trees to their container garden collection. If you are interested in growing one, we?ll give you tips here.

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