Choosing Christmas Trees: Picking Out A Christmas Tree For You And Your Family

Family Picking Out A Christmas Tree
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When you are learning how to pick a Christmas tree, the choices can seem overwhelming. For some families, picking out a Christmas tree can cause an annual argument, as everyone has an idea of the best Christmas tree to fit the family's needs. So, "How do I choose a Christmas tree?" you wonder.

Choosing Christmas Trees

As you begin your journey to find the best Christmas tree, you need to consider the space where the tree will be in your home. The best Christmas tree for that corner in your family room will not be the same as the tree you need for the spacious and rarely used formal living room. Note whether people will see the tree from all sides to decide how lush the tree needs to be. Measure the space where you will have the tree. Get out your stand to measure its distance from the ground. Also, measure the distance across the space to make sure you don't get a tree that is too large for the area. At most Christmas tree farms, you will be paying based on the height of the tree, so skipping this step can cost you more money. Once you have assessed the space, you are ready to head out to the Christmas tree farm to find the best Christmas tree for your needs. In addition, don't forget to consider whether you will be planting your Christmas tree after the holiday season is over. This is becoming a popular choice nowadays.

Tips for Picking Out a Christmas Tree

When you arrive at the Christmas tree farm or lot for picking out a Christmas tree, take your time. In choosing Christmas trees for the home, look at several trees instead of jumping at the first one you see. The key to picking out a Christmas tree is making sure it is healthy. Some trees may be cut weeks before being sold, and you want to avoid that problem, as caring for these will be more difficult. Run your hands along the branches of the trees you are considering. If needles come off, then you need to move on. The tree is not going to be healthy enough to survive, unless you are shopping one or two days before Christmas. You also should shake the branches a little or even pick the tree up 6 inches (15 cm.) or so and plop it back down. Doing so can help you get a good, strong tree that will survive the holiday season. Different lots and farms carry a variety of trees, ranging from Frasier firs to Monterey pines. Choose based on looks when you are first picking out a Christmas tree. When you find a tree you really enjoy once it is in your home, write down the size and height of the tree. Then next year if you are again wondering, "How do I pick out a Christmas tree?" you can refer to the note you made.

The Best Christmas Tree

Using these guidelines for how to pick a Christmas tree, you can work hard to find the best Christmas tree for your family. Just remember to have fun and that in the end, the joy is in the experience of choosing the Christmas tree with your family.

Brandi Brown

Brandi Brown is a guest writer for Gardening Know How.