Information About Colorado Blue Spruce

Montgomery Spruce Care In The Landscape

If you love Colorado spruce but don’t have the space in your garden, Montgomery spruce trees might be just the ticket. Montgomery is a dwarf cultivar of Colorado blue spruce and won’t get much taller than you are. For more Montgomery spruce information, click here.

Blue Spruce Is Turning Green – Tips On Keeping A Blue Spruce Tree Blue

You are the proud owner of a beautiful Colorado blue spruce. Suddenly you notice that the blue spruce is turning green. Naturally you are perplexed. To understand why blue spruce turns green, click here. We’ll also give you tips for keeping a blue spruce tree blue.

Colorado Blue Spruce Planting Guide: Tips On Caring For Colorado Spruce

The names Colorado spruce, blue spruce and Colorado blue spruce tree all refer to the same magnificent tree—Pica pungens. Read here for information on how to grow a Colorado blue spruce.