Information About Jacaranda

Troubleshooting Jacaranda Tree Problems: Caring For Ailing Jacaranda Trees

The jacaranda is a tree you don’t forget easily. But even beautiful trees can have problems, and you will sometimes see ailing jacaranda trees. Click this article for information about problems with jacaranda trees.

Jacaranda Pruning: Tips For Pruning A Jacaranda Tree

Proper pruning is vital for the healthy development of all trees, but it is especially important for jacarandas because of their rapid growth rate. This article tells you how to encourage strong, healthy growth through good pruning techniques.

Jacaranda Tree Information – How To Grow A Jacaranda Tree

The first time someone sees a jacaranda tree, they may think they've spied something out of a fairy tale. Read this article to learn how to grow a jacaranda tree if you have the right environment.