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Are Black Locust Trees Invasive Even Though They’re Native?

By Teo Spengler

Is the black locust tree a stunning ornamental or an extremely invasive undesirable? Read on for the curious answer.

Twisty Baby Locust Care: How To Grow A Twisty Baby Locust Tree

By Amy Grant

If you’re looking for a dwarf tree with year-round interest, try black locust ‘Twisty Baby’ with a unique contorted form. Click here for more info.

What Is Thyronectria Canker – Learn About Thyronectria Canker Treatment

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Becoming more familiar with potential diseases that may impact or diminish tree health is one way to accomplish this. Thyronectria canker on honey locusts, for instance, is an infection that can cause undue plant stress and decline. You can learn more about it here.

What Is Acacia Honey: Learn About Acacia Honey Uses And Benefits

By Amy Grant

Where does acacia honey come from? Maybe not where you think it does. Click this article to find out the answers to these questions, as well as acacia honey uses and more fascinating acacia honey information.

Skyline Honey Locust Care: Learn How To Grow A Skyline Locust Tree

By Amy Grant

Unlike other honey locust varieties, Skyline is thornless. These thornless honey locusts are great additions to the landscape as a shade tree. Interested in growing Skyline honey locusts? Click on this article to find out how to grow a Skyline locust tree.

Honey Locust Information – How To Grow A Honey Locust Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Honey locust is a popular deciduous landscaping tree, especially in cities, used for shade and the small leaves don't need to be collected in the fall. A little bit of honey locust information is all you need to start growing this tree in your yard. This article will help with that.

Black Locust Trees For Landscaping: Tips On Growing Black Locust Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Black locust trees are at their best in late spring. Growing black locust trees is easy, but they can become weedy if you aren't diligent about removing suckers. Read here for more black locust information.

Locust Tree Information – Types Of Locust Trees For The Landscape

By Jackie Carroll

Locust trees produce large clusters of pea-like flowers that bloom in spring followed by long pods. Growing locust trees is easy and they adapt well to lawn and street conditions. Learn more here.

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